‚Äč    HISTORY OF THE                 BAND

Here is the History of the Peoria Area Senior Citizens Band according to Charter Member 95-year old Clarinetist Jim Foy and Trombonist Richard Barthel.

September 4, 2015

 The Senior Band was established in 1968 by Henry Skinner, Sax player, of Peoria, and the first director was Ed Shepardson, Instrument Repairman at Byerly Music in Peoria, and whose wife, Rachael, was Principal at Richwoods High School. Ed also directed the Shrine Band starting in 1963. The second Senior Band Director was a woman from Congerville named Mildred Petrov. After Ms. Petrov, the Band was Directed by Cary Robards Jr., another Sax player, of East Peoria, followed by Jack Schepper, a Flute player, of Washburn. Now that we're into Jack's era, Dick Barthel is part of the history, and believes that the fourth Directors were the alternating team of Wayne Brodkorb, Percussionist, of Peoria, and Stu McKechnie, Trombonist/Euphonium player of Elmwood, who also directed the Elmwood Community Band for 50 years. Rudy Jungst of Morton, a Clarinet player, served as emergency substitute during this time. Bob McClintick was in charge of music. Now serving as the fifth Director for the last 8 years is Mike Mathews, Trombonist, of Morton. 

There have always been fine Conductors and fine Musicians in the Senior Band, and it continues to flourish today. Using these years as a reference, the Band is celebrating its 51st year of making music at Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Homes, and Alzheimers Care Facilities. Quite a lengthy time for an all-volunteer group. With its motto of "Seniors Making Music For Seniors", the Band continues to flourish, adding more Concerts and Musicians every year.